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I shall not die, but live, and Praise God

About 3 weeks ago, I was coming home from clinical training in LPN school. I was silently asking Jesus, "Are You sure this is the right field for me?"

Suddenly, a tall guy with long hair started somersaulting down the escalator stairs. Apparently he had tripped while trying to run down. He fell all the way to the bottom, smack, on his head.

I ran to help him. He was unconscious, and bleeding from his head. I prayed to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Jesus and Joseph, and he started breathing! I sat and talked to him until the ambulance came. Then he woke up, and started to become aware of his surroundings.

Praise God, Who gives life to the dead! Jesus and Mary let me help give the man a second chance.

- Christine Howe,

Used by Permission