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The Ring

When you read this you may choose to believe it or choose not to. I can only tell you that it is all true--and the events occured to those who are down-to-earth, stable people. In fact, my sister-in-law is not even religous. But there is no doubt in my mind that what happened to her, leaves no doubt that there is a God and that there is a heaven.

This series of event took place on Vancouver Island in 1996. My mother, who had celebrated her 70th birthday that August, was dying of Breast Cancer. She had fought for 10 years, but the cancer has spread to her bone marrow. Now it was only a matter of months.

Decemeber 1996 found her health so badly declined she needed to be hosptialized. It was December 3, and my brother’s birthday is on Dec. 13. He lives in Alberta with his wife and children.

On Dec. 3, my mother took my father’s hand, she weakly touched the anniversay ring he had on his finger and asked if my father could find a ring just like it to send to Cliff for his birthday.

My father agreed and spent the next couple of days scouring jewerlry stores. Finally he was successful. He mailed the ring Dec. 6. No one but my mother and my father had seen the ring nor even knew about it.

On Dec. 10 my father phoned Cliff to ask if he had received his gift. “No”, Cliff replied. My father grew concerned as it was an expenive ring and was hoping it didn't get lost in the mail what with all the Christmas mail.

My mother died Dec. 15. We phoned Cliff to tell him the news but his answering machine was on. Because of the terrible news we were calling to give him, we did not leave a message.

The following morning, my father called Cliff, telling him that Mom had passed away yesterday morning.

That day--Dec. 16, Cliff’s wife went to the post office. She found a parcel there addressed to Cliff.

When she returned home, Cliff told her the news. She quietly handed him the parcel, but being too upset, he didn't open it. Over the next several days, Cliff’s wife would ask him if he had opened the parcel.

The reply was always No. Finally, he turned to her and asked why she was so persistent.

“Because I know what is in it,” she said.

To prove that she in fact didn't know what was in the parcel, he went to the untouched parcel and carefully, alone, opened it up. He saw a gold ring with a black onyx stone--oval.

Putting it carefully in the jewelry box, he went back to his wife and said, “Okay, I've now opened it--so, tell me what's in the parcel if you are so smart?”

His wife smiled and replied “A beautiful black onyx oval ring.”

My brother was stunned to say the least.

“HOW did you know that?” he asked.

She explained to him, as she later explained to the family, that the night of the day my mother passed away, she saw my mother.

“Although I was sleeping I knew it wasn't a dream” she told us.

“Your mother was sitting by the lake painting the sunrise,” she said.

Okay, she was asked, but how did you know about the ring?

“Because your mother was wearing it.”

The fact that the ring was mailed early December from B.C. and was only going to Alberta, it should have arrived in a matter of a couple of days. In fact it was mailed so that he would receive it on his birthday, being Dec. 13. But even if it got caught up with the Christmas mail, nothing explains the fact that it arrived the morning after my mother died. Cliff nor his wife knew she died until the day after--meanwhile, CLiff's wife saw my mother wearing the ring the night of her death—that night his wife didn't even know she had passed away.

I truly believe that my mother did this to let us know firstly that she was in fact fine but also wore the ring--to use as a symbol so that there was no way of discounting such a story.

- Susan Lowe,

Used by Permission