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New Beginnings
by Dawn Dreyfuss
Used with Permission

As the firstfruits of spring tear off the noose of winters long days and dark nights, I throw off the grave clothes and look out of the cave I've grown so comfortable in.

The clouds are still evident over the horizon. They bring with them the promise of rain. I long for their cold wet touch. I gaze out my backdoor. There in the midst of green grass and petrified wood, I lose myself in the eyes of the windflowers. They live so close to Your Heart. They have a beauty and fragrance I have come to know so well. Only You could create such magnificence.

Oh, if only I could understand the faith of the hummingbird. She sits on her perch and belts out a song of joy and exuberance. She has not a care in the world. Her only desire is to let creation know that she is alive and well.

In this season of new beginnings, I will strive to be like the hummingbird. As she watches and waits on You alone, I too, will sing a new song. I will open my mouth wide and praise You. For You alone are my joy and salvation.