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A Child's Request
by Jewell Gentry
Used with Permission

A little boy the age of six
Come home from school one day
With tear filled eyes he told his mom
What he'd heard the teachers say

We can't have prayer in school no more
The teacher say's it's law
Please tell me why we can't pray mom
I don't understand at all

Some kids are saying God is dead
And Jesus isn't real
Mom all this talk confuses me
How am I suppose to feel

I know I'm just a little kid
But kids have questions too
So if there is no God mom
Then who made me and you

Who made all the trees mom
Who made the flowers to bloom
Who put the stars up in the sky
And hung the silver moon

Who made the gentle breeze to blow
Who made the deep blue sea
Who made all the mountains mom
Who made the air we breath

Why can't we pray in school no more
We use to every day
Our Bible teacher's there no more
They said she went away

All this just can't be right mom
They pushed God out the door
And if He can't be in school with me
I don't want to go no more

The mother lifted up her child
And held him to her breast
She gently wiped his tears away
Then answered his request

She said, yes son, there is a God
And Jesus is alive
He goes to school with you each day
He never leaves your side

And as you grow older son
You'll hear it more and more
It's not just schools, it's others too
That's pushed God out the door

Just keep your trust in God son
No matter what you hear
And when you want to talk to Him
You'll find He's always near

The one's that say there is no God
And Jesus isn't real
Will one day face their Master's son
Their fate will then be sealed.