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God's Answers to Prayers
By Beth Fisher
Used with Permission

Dear Lord, help me understand, as I kneel to pray,
That You, indeed, will answer it, though there are several ways.
The first, of course, is obvious, the one we most like to receive.
If everyone got a "yes" to their prayers, it would be easy to believe.

But, Father, there are two more ways You may handle my appeal.
So, please don't let Your denial dampen my spiritual zeal.
For You alone can see beyond the benefits I ask for,
So help me take "no" for an answer, when You decide to slam the door.

And don't let me forget the third way You may answer my request,
Because You know exactly the time that it would benefit me best.
You see, the hardest answer of them all, develops true virtue -
For we develop patience, Lord, when we learn to wait on You.