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The Challenge
Prayer in School

"One Nation under God" was founded -
Godly men had fought and planned -
Christian leaders were selected,
deemed to govern all the land.

John Jay, the first Chief Justice
of the United States proclaimed,
"It is our duty, privilege, and interest
toward Christian government to aim.

Delaware's Constitution required
that all officials must declare:
their faith in God, His Son The Christ,
The Holy Ghost, and Prayer!

Thomas Jefferson, before elected,
President of The United States,
had to prove his Christianity
in the Jefferson-Adams debates.

The Constitutional Convention held
in seventeen-eighty-seven failed
to pray when opened, and animosity
ruled and delegates fought and yelled.

Benjamin Franklin stood and moved
at opening every day they pray,
and three days later records prove
that all unfriendliness was expelled.

Abner Updegraph's blasphemy against
the Bible in eighteen-twenty-four,
brought the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's
indictment - these words the verdict bore:

"Society cannot tolerate willful
despiteful aim to subvert or underscore,
it's religion or it's religious principals;
we will not tolerate it any more"!

As late as nineteen-thirty-one
the U.S. Supreme Court instilled:
"We are a Christian people acknowledging
the duty of obedience to God's Will".

To first become a state in Article III
the government was required,
"to establish schools (not churches) to teach
that religion and morality be inspired".

Of the first one-hundred-eight of our colleges.
One-hundred-six on Christian faith were founded;
Yet today the Bible is removed from classrooms
and Christian leaders are scorned and astounded!

Perhaps, His Gettysburg address anticipated,
when Lincoln spoke of a nation un-pure,
if conceived and dedicated without the Bible,
that nation won't long endure!

American Christians are now forced to ask,
"When did our heritage, we begin to lose"?
In nineteen-forty-seven the Supreme Court did
separation of Church and State Choose;

No statement like that exists in the Constitution,
Declaration of Independence, or Bill of Rights,
and fifteen years later that decision affected
American tradition, National values, and insights.

Verbal prayer offered voluntarily in schools
was declared unconstitutional in sixty-two.
In sixty-five freedom of speech and the press
were guaranteed unless the topic were religious in view,

By seventy-nine a teacher couldn't ask,
"On Christmas, whose Birthday we celebrate",
In nineteen-eighty The Ten Commandments
were forbidden to hang on any classroom wall or slate.

And finally in eighty-five the final sacrifice,
when a graduation of students we attend -
It's unconstitutional to begin with a prayer
or to pray. . . . . .at the ceremony's end.

It's time for American Christians to act,
banned together, united, in Godly pact.
God said, "if my people will call on My Name,
I'll heal their land" - our schools are the same!

God Bless our Country, let's stream to the polls,
vote-out the Un-Godly and Christians enroll;
Test all the candidates by God's power and might,
‘Cause if Prayer's Unconstitutional. . . . . .
. . . . . . then our government's NOT RIGHT!!

Ron Baron

Used with Permission